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Clipping path is a process used in Photoshop to select a part or shape of a 2D image. Everything inside the selected path will be included in the selection. It allows the user to select an object and change the background without any problems. The selected part then can be saved in the any file. The online commercial sites get huge benefits taking this Service. Happy to know that we are providing a classy clipping path service. We have some hard working professional editors to ensure you a quality service                                    

Clipping Path

What is clipping path?

Clipping path is a technique mostly used for removing background from any image by using the pen tool or creating a closed victor path. It allows you to remove unwanted parts from your image. It is very effective for e-commerce sites for their product images.      

Benefits of clipping path

Clipping path service is very important for every online business. If you really want to promote your business and product hen this service is necessary.

The photographers also require this service. Whenever they shoot a photo sometimes it turns out that it has an unstable background. In this case the photographer can use clipping path service. It is actually a time consuming work. Beside you have to be an expert to edit it properly. We have clipping path specialists who can provide you any amount of work according to the given instruction. It will both save your time and increase the quality of your photo.

Most of the reputed companies use clipping service. Visualization is everything for big companies. They use this service to improve their product visibility and gain a good market over their competitor

How do professionals work?

Clipping path is not a hard task. But it takes time to do more complex structures. It takes time and effort to become an expert on it. Our editors are so experienced that they do it just like a knife in the butter. Here is how they do it

Step 1
They open the image they want to work with. They make sure there is no spot on their object. And then they move to the next step.


Step 2
They select the pen tool and start to select around the object. They have to be precise with the selection. After selecting they look for any unwanted selection. If everything is all right they move to the next step.


Step 3
They select the feather option and click ok. Then they make a copy of their selection. And take a new background.


Step 4
They take the bucket paint tool and paint the background with the color selected by the customer. Then they save the file and forward it to the quality check unit.


Clipping Path Tutorial using Photoshop CS6

Final verdict

Clipping path important for people in every profession. It is not only for business purposes. You can make your picture more appealing by using a clipping path. You can add a new dimension to your images. Be a part of our community. Get our clipping path service and give us a chance to show you our quality of work. We are always available to give you our best.

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