E-commerce Photo Editing


E-commerce image editing service is a process of making a product image more appealing and eye-catching to the customer’s eyes. It is one of the most appealing services and we are also provide a quality e-commerce image editing service.  We use generally Photoshop to do the task. This process is for making the products more attractive so the customers are more likely to buy the products.

Importance of Product Image Editing

Suppose you are opening a new shop in an e-commerce site. And you need to make more sales to earn more money. This is where this kind of process comes in. Here is some example of why product image editing service is important.

• To make your product more attractive to your customers.

• To make the characteristics of your product more clear to your customers.

• Looks are everything. The customers are likely to spend more money on a product in a good looking product.

• To Make a virtual mannequin for your product.

• To Remove the particular objects from your image.

• To make your product clean and more true to life.

• To change the colour of your product without clicking a new image.

• To make a more realistic image shadow for your image that gives a 3D vibe in a 2D image.

• Replace a product with others in any image.

Types of Ecommerce Photo Editing

If you have an online shop you need to take image editing services. There are different types of e-commerce product imaging services. It is up to you which one you need. We have these services available. Checkout them

1. Remove background.

Remove the background of your images and make your product highlight more

2. Image retouching.

Image retouching makes the image more appealing colour.

3. Colour adjustment.

Adjusts the colour according to the customer’s opinion.

4. Ghost mannequin effect/neck effect.

Make your own virtual mannequin without even getting a real one.

5. Shadow effect.

Make a realistic shadow of your products to make it more alive.

6. Crop, align and pad.

Crop your particular portion of images and make align it in a different part of your image.

7. Web image optimization.

Makes your image easy to find while searching on the web.

8. Creative photo manipulation.

In this service, products are given a whole new look.

9. Image masking.

Image masking is a service that removes the background and makes your photos more intuitive.

You will get all the services from us. We have experienced working team who are always sincere to their work.

Making a product more attractive is a small but more important step to make the products more interesting. In this process, the customers will be able to get a good idea about the product with a glance of your image. Most of the businessmen use this service for getting more customers. Ultimately this service will increase your business profit. We are requesting you to take our service for at least once. Hopefully, you will again come back to us.

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