Image Masking Services

Image masking is one of the most wanted services at the present time. Using image masking one can completely change the appearance of an image. The image can be anything such as doll, tree, ornament, hair, etc. You can bring a different look of the image.

It is also used to remove any object from the photo. Another thing you can do with image masking is you can change the background of any image. Generally, the photographers, catalog designers, ecommerce stores, fashion designers and similar profession’s workers take this photo masking service.

Happy to know that Clipping Path Deal is providing an image masking service.  We have some well trained workers who ensures a quality service for all our clients.

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is a process in which the background of an image can be changed. In the case of online products, it requires white background. Sometimes some portion of an image needs to be removed. Image masking also does it.

Benefits of Image Masking

Image masking service has lots of benefits especially for all kinds of online businesses. The service includes some essential photo editing. Sometimes we need to focus any portion of a photo to advertise something. The service will help you in focusing any particular portion.

The online cloth stores can never promote their business without taking image masking service. The photographers also need this service to represent their photography more beautifully.  Our workers are aware of everything. They know which photo requires what kind of editing.

How do we do Image Masking?

All of our workers are well experienced and skilful. So, no one has to worry about their project. Here get to know how they complete a task

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Step 1
Our experts use Photoshop to do image masking. First, they open the Photoshop and choose the file they need to do image masking.

Step 2
Now they go to the layer panel. At the bottom of the panel, there is an image masking icon. Then click on the icon and create a layer mask.

Step 3
Again they hit on the new layer mask. Then the white colour turns into black. The black colour indicates all masking effects are hidden and the white colour indicates all the masking effects are visible.

Step 4
Now they use the brush tool. At first, they zoom in the photo and point out the places where they don’t need to do masking and where it is needed. They adjust the brush size according to the image complexity.

Step 5
In case of sharp photos, they need to be sensitive. They have to control the brushing effect. Sometimes they point out some point. They remove those points to bring a perfect masking effect.

Step 6
This is the last step. In the step, they change the background colour. They go to the colour section and change the background. Sometimes they remove some unselected areas if requires.

Final verdict

In the case of business, there is no compromising. We believe it and we try our best to provide you with the best work. We are promising to each of our single work. I am asking to try our service at least once. Hopefully, you will never have to go for other services providers.

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