Neck joint service is a growing service as the demand for cloth is increasing. The online dress seller and garments hugely need this service. Besides, most of the dress catalogues require this service. It makes any product more attractive and appealing.

Understanding the demand we have come up with a trusted neck joint service. We can give you a 100% guarantee for quality. We offer the service at an affordable price.

What is Neck Joint Service?

Neck joint is mainly for garments items. Neck joint service works for hiding the mannequin from the dress photos. The other name of this service is ghost mannequin or invisible doll mannequin.

People who have an online dress selling website, they must upload good looking and well-filled dress pictures to attract people to buy.

Putting the dress on a doll, they take some pictures of the dress. Then they need to cut the doll part which is on the outside because only dress photo can go to the website. But when they cut the doll part, the neck part might be cut. Combining the back part with the front part, there is created a complete image of full dress. This is called neck joint service. This work may need 30-35 minutes. We have professional workers who will provide you with the best neck mannequin service.

Why Neck Joint Service is Necessary?

Neck joint service is a tool which is used for Photoshop. The photospheres cut the excised part of the images, it means they remove the person of the picture and keep the dresses only.

In this modern era, we need to cope with technology. So, the products or outfits which are on online, they need to be more appealing to the customers, neck joint service mainly helps us to achieve that point.

Neck joint service is used for highlighting the fullest extend of the product with different angles and details pictures. This service helps to remove the mannequin. As a result, the dress can be seen well and it gives the perfect look of any garment product.

Who Needs Neck Joint Service?

An online garments product seller must take a neck joint service to make product photos more catchy. Even dress photographer and e-commerce photographer use neck joint service merely.

For these kinds of seller and photographers, we give our service of the neck joint. We keep in mind their respective demand. Our all customers are very happy and satisfied with our service.

How do we do Neck Joint Service?

Our experts generally use Photoshop to do neck joint service. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1

A primary background is necessary for mannequin effect. Firstly, they obstruct those unwanted details by photo clipping path. It makes further steps easy.

Step 2

Next, they remove the mannequin from the photo carefully. Filter the image mask a little to the edges to give a sharp and fresh look.

Step 3

Now its time to add the neck joint. They use a photo without mannequin and cut the neck. Then, add this to the filtered image. They edit carefully to match all attachment well.

Step 4

Thereafter, to make the ghost effect visible, they add shadow to the collar part and It’s a very important part. Lastly, they check out every edit diligently and retouch where needed.

You should have understood everything about our neck joint service. This is a very important service for any kinds of garment products to make the outfit more clear, visible and catchy. We have some trusted workers who are already ready for tasks. We are also taking a huge amount of works. Try our service and you must appreciate us.

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